Pond Flowers

Pond flowers are a variety of fascinating plants that will grow in a water garden. Most of the pond flowers will not grow anywhere else except for that type of environment.

The most colorful of the garden pond flowers are the water lilies including the hardy and tropical ones. Your hardy water lilies can live outdoors all year round especially if the roots are sufficiently covered with water or soil that will prevent them from freezing. The flowers and leaves of these plants will float on the waters surface. During sunny days the flowers will open during the morning and close up in the middle part of afternoon. They can be purchased in all colors except for blue. Both day and night blooming tropical lilies will remain hardy only in frost-free climates. In the colder climates they will grow as annuals and need to be replaced every year. The leaves of the tropical lilies will float but their flowers have stout stems that keep them well above the surface of the water.

Some pond plants that float on the surface of the water and do not have roots in soil have a tendency to propagate quite fast and you may need to thin them out. Both floating plants and oxygenator plants, such as anacharis and eelgrass, are needed in order to maintain the balance of animal and plant life in the pond.

The water garden plants that grow in the shallow water or in boggy places will provide a visual transition from plants that are on the surface of the water to the rest of the garden. Ornamental grasses are other good transition plants and they need considerable moisture and must be planted in porous soil that is well-drained.

If you want a pond for ornamental fish or just for the sound of running water then your water garden will be fine in the shade. If the main reason for having a pond is to grow all of those beautiful water lilies and luscious other plants then you want to have as much sun as possible. There are instances when you have no choice but to put your pond in an area that gets little or no sunshine. For these situations your choices of plants may be limited but you can still enjoy all their beauty. Most water garden flowers require at least 4 to  6 hours of direct sun to thrive, however, there are several water lily varieties and floating plants that will do well with only 3 to 4 hours of direct sun, such as the hardy water lilies Comanche, Texas Dawn Sioux and Pink Sensation..

If your pond flowers are always going to be a delight and pleasure you will need to do some water garden maintenance. As winter is over remove any plant remains that are still lingering around and mulch the garden with well-composted peat. Mulching with organic matter will help improve the conditions of the soil every year, but the mulch should not be high in nutrients, otherwise an algae bloom will occur once they leach into the pond. At this same time you can check your pond plants to see whether they are ready to be divided and to get rid of any stray roots.

A moving body of water evokes a feeling of tranquility and peace. Ponds and water gardens have a tendency to attract wildlife, and they add value to your property. Water gardens along with all their beautiful pond flowers have become increasingly popular. The water plants will provide wildlife such as reptiles, amphibians, butterflies, beneficial insects, and birds with protection, shelter, shade, and food. Besides for your enjoyment, this is the reason for adding pond flowers to any water garden.

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